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MADEA's Kids Millionaire Mindset Mentoring Program



Children, parent(s), and families who need our service have a One-on-One interview with the CEO/Program Director.  During the enrollment process the CEO/Program Director gets to know every child, parent, and family that enrolls into MADEA.  The CEO/Program Director gets to the root and heart of the problem as well as needs.  The CEO/Program Director wants to help the entire family to be healed, encouraged, educated and empowered to reach their individual as well as family goals.

Plan of Action



Based on the information gathered the MADEA Team meets to determine a plan of action to help the child, parent(s), and family to succeed.




The child, parent(s), and family attends orientation where they learn what is expected from them as an enrollee into MADEA.  Applications, Policies and Procedures, and schedules are provided and all question are answered.

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