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Colorful Homes
Our Vision

Our vision is to provide and promote safety, growth, and development for children who have been abused, bullied, suffered violence, and/or sexual harassment by doing the following:  protecting and nurturing children in need; evaluating, diagnosing, and addressing development delays; strengthening relationships between children, families, Child Protective Services (CPS), Child Placing Agencies (CPA), the courts, schools, churches, and the community; connecting children to safe, nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime; and collaborating with other agencies to bring transformation in the lives of children.

To develop a curriculum designed specifically to educate and enhance the lives of the communities that we serve.  A learning environment that will be beneficial to the entire community.

To change the standard for how foster homes operate.  To give parents and children a better chance to heal and grow.  To increase the number of foster and at-risk children who attend college and graduate.  To decrease the number of foster and at-risk children that are sex offenders, drug addicts, and homeless by providing real skills training and classes where we get to the core of the problem.


To prepare children to be successful and an important part of the community when they age out of foster care or become of age by preparing them to be young responsible adults.  To get the community involved through volunteering.


To get the community involved by initiating B.O.T.G. (Boots on the Ground)  BOTG is a proactive approach to child abductions and sex trafficking.  To create an atmosphere of No More Abuse.  To educate and make the world aware that neglect, verbal, emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical abuse will not be accepted or tolerated against our children. 


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