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Account Manager


Job Type


About the Role

The account manager’s overall mandate is to acquire and develop new business, and maintain old business, on behalf of their employer. They are essentially big-picture client managers who wear many hats in order to effectively do their jobs: salesperson, customer service representative, and company-client liaison.​

​There is a large sales component to the job of an account manager. They must not only identify and pursue new business opportunities (accounts) for their employer, they must also maintain and usually up-sell their portfolio of products and services to existing clients; matching the products and services of their employer to the needs of their clients.​

​An account manager is essentially the face of their company in the eyes of their clients. Serving as the client’s first point of contact, it’s the account manager’s responsibility to see that those clients are satisfied with the products and services provided.​

​They may be in charge of a number of smaller accounts, or may focus on a few larger accounts. ​


In order to enjoy performing your job duties you need to possess certain personal traits and characteristics.  These traits will help you keep a positive attitude towards your work, which can lead to having a long and successful career.​

• Strong interpersonal skills for working with high-level executives​

• High level of personal motivation, energy and drive​

• Willing to accept responsibility for positive end results​

• Interest in a career field that offers financial incentives for success​

• A customer service-oriented attitude towards work activities​

• Enjoy consulting with clients and analyzing their needs​

• Thrive in a high-pressure, fast-pace environment ​

About the Assignment

This is a PT/FT position that's done in the field and/or from home. Applicant must be able to speak well and to captivate an audience attention on our social platforms. Applicant must be able to start on Friday, October 1st 2021. The applicant must be able to give a minimum of 120-200 hours. Flexible hours.

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