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Job Type


About the Role

The blogger perform research and draw from personal knowledge to compose articles about specified subject matter​ and compose articles that encourage discussion and engagement.​ Edit and publish content on company or personal website or blog. Track the number of viewers and the amount of feedback to determine the blog’s reach and effectiveness. May act as a liaison between readers and the organization and its interests​, respond to blog questions and comments, and​ maintain current knowledge of blog subject matter​.


Bloggers must be able to compose engaging and informative articles related to specific and consistent subject matter for publication on a website or dedicated blog. Bloggers must be able to present their articles in a manner that stimulates feedback, inquiries and reader initiated discussions.

About the Assignment

This is a FT/PT position that can be done from home. Applicant must be able to start within two weeks of accepting the offer. This position requires 120-200 hours annually. Flexible.

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