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Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, TX, USA

Job Type


About the Role

The Journalists collect information or investigate happenings and then craft stories based on their findings. They can use words, video, or audio to tell a story and are usually good at finding information that others may not know exists. Journalists can specialize in several fields, including finance, sports, celebrity, and popular culture, and politics. Their stories may be published in print or made available on websites or streaming services. Journalists must be able to spot newsworthy topics and perform the legwork to create an engaging and informative story.


A good journalist must possess the following abilitilies:

  • Interviewing: Asking the right questions in the right way is an essential competency for a journalist. Journalists use carefully crafted questions to chip away at the walls that separate them from a story. They must be concise and sharp enough to engage the interviewee, as well as those who may read or watch the interview. Interviews also require journalists to know when subjects aren’t directly answering a question or don’t understand it and find ways to get them back on track.

  • Research: News stories should be based on factual evidence. Journalists need to have access to facts to present the reality of a situation. Factual evidence might be available, but finding it requires research skills. Logically compiling information that journalists can later use to make a case in their work is crucial to a story’s success. Additionally, factual information maintains the journalist’s reputation and, in turn, the public’s trust.

  • Writing: Journalists must have an impeccable grasp of spelling, grammar, and style. This skill doesn’t apply to written articles only, as good writing is a hallmark of any media presentation, from video to audio reports. The writing should captivate the reader while concisely presenting the story.

About the Assignment

This is a FT/PT position that's done in the field. Applicant must be able to start within two weeks of accepting the offer. The applicant must be able to give a minimum of 10 hours a month for 12 months. This position requires 120-200 hours annually. Flexible hours.

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