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Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, TX, USA

Job Type


About the Role

The reporter is an individual who informs the public about regional and international events. They are usually tasked with delivering a story through a medium but may not be the person who conducted the research.


A good report must possess the following abilities:

  • Reading and Reporting: Many reporters deliver their stories through video or audio media and usually receive a script to ensure they know what they need to speak on. Reporters must be able to read the story to engage the observer, which means they must also insert some personality into the copy that they present.

  • Interviewing: As with the journalist, the reporter may need to interview a subject to get a unique point of view. Interviewing skills allow the reporter to keep the discussion on track while still asking poignant questions that may elicit telling answers from the subject.

  • Time Management: News is always happening. Reporters need to be able to manage their schedules exceptionally well to perform their duties and reach out to the people they may need to speak with to inform their stories.

About the Assignment

This is a FT/PT position that's done in the field. Applicant must be able to speak well and to captivate an audience attention on our social platforms. Applicant must be able to start within two weeks of accepting the offer. The applicant must be able to give a minimum of 10 hours a month for 12 months. This position requires 120-200 hours annually. Flexible hours.

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