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LJ and Daisy Pate Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to MADEA's kids who show a high level of achievement in academics, athletics, the arts, and/or community involvement.

This community service volunteer-based scholarship was inspired by the Late LJ and Daisy Pate who were servants of the Most High God, and served their church, family, and the community until the Lord called them home.

This scholarship is awarded based on performance. Volunteers that hit a target or perform their job in an exceptional manner will receive this award. The amount of the merit is based on criteria set by MADEA.

Income reported on a child's FAFSA is irrelevant for this merit-based award. Applications are received annually from January 1st through March 31st. Late applications will not be reviewed.

Applications must include a letter of recommendation, preferably from a teacher, coach, school official, pastor, and/or a nonprofit organization. Also, a written essay as to why your would be an excellent candidate for the award, and how you would benefit from the award. The essay must include who you are, and how you plan to make the world a better place.

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