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R.O.C. Project

Revitalized Oak Cliff

Together we can imbue with new life and vitality.

Mindset Is Everything
Change Your Mindset.  Change Your Financial Status.  Change Your Life.


  • Advocate for new/remodeled schools

  • Advocate for best educators

  • Attract builders to build new homes surrounding the new/remodeled schools

  • Advocate for businesses to relocate to the community

  • Advocate, Educate, and bring Awareness to Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Advocate for safe schools and neighborhoods

  • Advocate for Drug-Free Zones

  • Inspire 1st time home owners

  • Create jobs in the community

  • Inspire new business owners

  • Educate on Credit & Financing

  • Create generational wealth

  • 72 families off of government assistance and housing

  • Scholarships for 100 kids



  • Living below the National Poverty Level

    • Living in At-risk neighborhoods​


  • Child Abuse & Neglect

    • Physical​

    • Emotional

    • Mental

    • Sexual

    • Financial

If you would like to sponsor, partner, or learn more about the R.O.C. Project please call Brenda Marsh at 469-527-5213 Ext. 301 or email her at  Please click below to give a generous donation, or mail checks to:



P.O. Box 953

Cedar Hill, TX 75106-0953

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