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Basic Requirement for Scholarships

The identification requirements for scholarships include a form of government ID, a Social Security card and proof of residence.

To receive scholarships in Texas for summer camp or after school care, applicants must fill out information for all of the people in the household.  Applicant will also have to provide financial records indicating any income received over the last three months, and any potential future income.  If you are an immigrant, the scholarship requirements Texas has set forth require applicants to provide documentation of immigrant status, if applicable, such as a resident ID card or immigration papers.  The other scholarship requirements in Texas has enacted are fairly easy to meet once identity and proof of income are provided.

To qualify for scholarships in Texas, an applicant must gather the required documents and be sure to meet the income level and work requirements. Scholarships in Texas generally requires an income of no more than 130 percent of the federal poverty guideline for the household size. To determine the exact maximum allowable income to still be eligible for Texas scholarships for summer camp and after school care, count the income level for one person ($1600), and add $600 per month for every individual in the household. Your household likely meets eligibility requirements for Texas scholarship for summer camp and/or after school care if earning less than this amount. However, if the household has an elderly or disabled member, then it would not be subject to the gross income requirement, but the net income requirement. Net income is the income left after deductions, and is limited to 100 percent of the federal poverty level for the household size.

Applicants need to maintain work eligibility requirements to keep their Texas scholarship for summer camp and/or after school care active. These include working, registering for a work program, or conducting an active search for work. Recipients are excused from having to participate in the program if they are:

  • Unfit physically or mentally

  • Employed more than 30 hours per week

  • Taking care of an elderly or disabled person

  • Enrolled as a student at least half-time

  • Fulfilling work requirements for TANF

  • Participating in a substance abuse program

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